Kopfkino Media is a boutique publisher specializing in dark genre fiction.

Owners Abigail and Natagette (that is to say, us) have a big soft spot (or rather, insatiable black hole) for horror.

To that end, we recently opened submissions for our first project, Midnight in the Dying Garden: Fairy Tales for the End of the World.

This ambitious combination project consists of a published volume of horror stories and the first (and admittedly, possibly only) season of a podcast with the same title.  Since it’s our only open submission call, we’ll list the guidelines right here on the home page:

Midnight in the Dying Garden: Fairy Tales for the End of the World is a collection of horror stories with a fantastical twist. We’re looking for tales that are both horrific and enchanting. Devastation and ecstasy, divinity and savagery, terror and bravery, beauty and hideousness, joy and despair – we want it all, and we want it nicely wrapped up in hair-raising scary stories.

Submission guidelines are as follows:

Send all submissions to submissions@kopfkinomedia.com

Deadline: April 30th, 2022

Length: 1000 – 7000 words (We’ll look at stories that fall outside these numbers, but try to match them as closely as possible.)

Format: Word, Open Office, or RTF format only. Please use a normal font.

Reprints: Reprints are accepted, but previously unpublished stories will be given strong preference. 

Rights: First Rights for previously unpublished work; One-Time Rights for reprints. For previously unpublished work, we ask for exclusivity for six months following publication, but this is negotiable. After that, no exclusivity is expected or requested. All rights and copyright remain with the author.

Payment: For previously unpublished work, payment will be between $25 – $150 CAD depending on length, and paid on publication. Reprints will receive $10 – $70 depending on length, and will be paid on publication.

Other Information: While we have no preference in regards to time or place and while dark fairy tales and mythic stories are certainly welcome, we aren’t looking for alternate universe stories. All submissions should more or less take place in this world/reality.

But wait, there’s more!

The volume will be developed in tandem with a podcast of the same name. While there will be a separate submission call for the podcast, any stories accepted for the book will be given strong preference. The best part? If selected for the podcast, you’ll get paid another $25 – $150 CAD.

Be sure to drop us a line if you have any questions or concerns, or even just to say hi! We’re looking forward to this project and can’t wait to make it happen!